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Genship is a role-playing game about people living on a generation ship: A spaceship whose designed mission spans the lifetimes of many generations of its inhabitants. Each generation is in charge of keeping things going smoothly for the generations to follow, making lives for themselves and choices that may have consequences for the future of humanity. The game focuses on a few critical events that happen over the ship's lifetime. The exact nature of these events can vary wildly, including social revolutions, alien invasions, the creation of a new form of art, and whatever else the players want to create and explore.

The game uses a bag pull system as its core mechanic.  Poker chips are placed into a bag and pulled out to resolve conflicts for the players and for the game world itself. The system is designed to reflect less on character statistics and more on how the world changes their condition,  how they plan for events, what they choose to sacrifice, and what they hold dear.

It's a good game for fans of weird rpgs, the Quiet Year, speculative fiction, games heavy with player conflict, 


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